The India Trail

Day 5. Leg 2.

View point. Glory Peak.


#neroadtrip #IndiaTrail #pfutsero #glorypeak (at Glory Peak, Pfutsero)

Day 4. Leg 2.

Phüsachodü village. Near Pfutsero.

Potentially the most amazing experience of the road trip so far. Such hospitality from the village.

Food, drink, dance, culture, history, tradition. Outstanding.

#neroadtrip #IndiaTrail #nagaland #drink #dance #culture (at Phüsachodü)

Day 4. Leg 2.

Visit to xxyy village in Nagaland near Pfutsero. The entire village was out to greet us. This has been the most amazing experience of my life.

Dance, drink, food, culture, history.


#neroadtrip #IndiaTrail #nagaland (at Phüsachodü)

Day 3. Leg 2.

Driving from Imphal to Kisama to Pfutsero.

Manipur to Nagaland.

Paddy fields, hills, greens.

#neroadtrip #indiatrail #paddy #rice #naga (at Kikrume)

Day 2. Leg 2.

A hop across the border to Myanmar. A brilliant lunch followed by a walk through the local markets here in Myanmar.

Spotted this baby passed out in the market. 😁

#neroadtrip #indiatrail #moreh #myanmar #burma #market (at Myanmar)

Day 2. Leg 2.

Some excellent local beer.

#neroadtrip #IndiaTrail #beer #burma (at Myanmar)

Day 2. Leg 2.

Standing in India and looking out at Myanmar

#neroadtrip #IndiaTrail #burma #myanmar #moreh #imphal (at Moreh)

Day 2. Leg 2.

Imphal to Moreh to Myanmar.

Our first cross border expedition on this drive.

Angamba running our guests through some key world war II history facts.

#neroadtrip #IndiaTrail #worldwar #kakching (at Kakching Garden, Kakching)

Day 1. Leg 2.

En route to Imphal.

Dominic’s exploits in the water.

#neroadtrip #indiatrail (at Senapati)

Day 1. Leg 2.

Manipur is just incredibly beautiful!

Terraced farming.

#neroadtrip #IndiaTrail (at Maram)

Day 1. Leg 2.

En route to Imphal, Manipur.

At the border check post.

And from here the World War II trail begins! 2 days of Imphal. 1 day of Pfutsero and then back to Kohima.

#neroadtrip #IndiaTrail #worldwar #war #battle (at Mao Gate)

Day 10.

And finally……..

We have reached Kohima.

3,800 km.

We started this awareness drive as a two member team with one car and finished Leg 1 as a 6 member team with three cars.

Premal joined us all the way from Mumbai. David, Kevi and Nino from Kohima, Dominic and I from Bangalore.

Leg 2 of the drive begins tomorrow. Marilyn from Bangalore and Arambam from Imphal joins us.

The North East India Awareness Drive. Who else wants to join? 😁

#neroadtrip #IndiaTrail
(at Midland,Kohima.)

Day 10.

Sun block for our GPS. (at Jumping Bean)

Day 10.

Guwahati to Base Camp (Kohima)

#neroadtrip #IndiaTrail #guwahati #assam #kohima #nagaland #hot #stuffy #humid

Today is Vishwakarma Puma day.

Vishwakarma Day is a day of celebration forVishwakarma, a Hindu god, the divine architect. He constructed the holy city of Dwarka where Krishna ruled.

He is also called the divine carpenter, is mentioned in the Rig Veda, and is credited with Sthapatya Veda, the science of mechanics and architecture.

The festival is observed primarily in factories and industrial areas, often on the shop floor.

As a mark of reverence the day of worship is marked not only by the engineering and architectural community but by artisans, craftsmen, mechanics, smiths, welders, industrial workers, factory workers and others.

They pray for a better future, safe working conditions and, above all, success in their respective fields.

Workers also pray for the smooth functioning of various machines. It is customary for craftsmen to worship their tools in his name, refraining from using the tools while doing so.

Modern electronic servers are also worshipped for their smooth functioning.

Source: Wikipedia
(at Guwahati Railway Station Assam)

Day 7.

A nice warm welcome in Kolkata.

Especially since we called @sashiwapang and @imtisuneplanu
And pre-ordered kathi rolls and steak and rum balls from Flurys. 😁😁😁

#neroadtrip #IndiaTrail (at Kolkata)

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